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Wearable sensor technology helps local athletes

Health rehab going high tech (WUSA9)

[WEBINAR] Hard data for heavy lifting: How Astins and Skanska UK are redefining industry-wide health and safety standards

Astins ViSafe On-Demand Webinar
When heavy lifting is involved, guesswork just won’t cut it. This is what Astins and Skanska UK realised when researching the effect of handling plasterboard on worker health and wellbeing. Watch now to learn more about their story.

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital using dorsaVi technology in their patient programs

[WEBINAR] Confidence in data: Sophie’s return to play story

Confidence in data: Sophie's return to play story
You’re invited to join Joanna Goldin, Shane Scott and Dr. Glen Johnson as we share the real-life story of Shane’s daughter, Sophie Scott; a 17 year old, division 1 college soccer prospect whose heartbreaking ACL injuries led her to revolutionary wearable sensor technology from dorsaVi to answer her return to play questions.

[Webinar] ViPerform Knee Module

Wearables in the workplace webinar
Shawna Jamison discusses dorsaVi’s knee module with regards to metric definitions, sensor placement, testing ideas, capturing data, reporting, feature reminders and a case study.

[Webinar] myViSafe. Real time. Real change.

ViMove2 launch webinar
If you’re looking to improve employee engagement, use real-time feedback to make informed decisions and enhance your your safety culture, join Sarah Riseley as she takes a deep dive into the latest manual handling training platform designed for you and your team.

[Webinar] Wearables in the workplace: A new approach to improving safety and reducing risk

Wearables in the workplace webinar
Join dorsaVi experts Sarah Riseley and Landell Archer as they explore the emergence of ViSafe wearable sensor technology in the workplace, and how it is reducing workplace risk, improving productivity and leading to cost savings for organisations across the globe.

[Webinar] ViMove Low Back Module

ViMove Low Back webinar
Join Shawna Jamison and Joanna Goldin as they take a deep dive into ViMove’s Low Back module and demonstrate how you can unleash the full power of the data collected. Improve your ViMove skills and learn more about low back protocols, data capture optimization, analysis and data interpretation.

Real time. Real change. Welcome to myViSafe.

dorsaVi RUN WITH SOLE Training Day

PACE Prehab & Recovery using dorsaVi Technology

[Webinar] ViPerform Running Module

ViPerform Running Module Webinar
Shawna Jamison discusses dorsaVi’s Running module with regards to metric definitions, capturing data, reporting, feature reminders and a case study.

Beacon Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine using dorsaVi

Prehab: The new therapy

Sunderland FC & ViPeform

dorsaVi on the 7.30 Report

ViMove on A Current Affair

ViPerform on the Fox Footy Show

ViPerform on Channel 7 News

dorsaVi on the Golf Show

Hamstring Sensor Setup

Low Limb Sensor Setup

Neck Sensor Setup

Low Back Sensor Setup

Neck Live Assessment

Functional Live Assessment

Stability and Balance Movement Challenge

Pelvic Tilt Movement Challenge

Range and Speed Movement Challenge

Hardware & Accessories Overview

Running Biofeedback

Running Monitoring

Running Live Assessment Treadmill

Knee Control Live Assessment

Hamstring Live Assessment

Low Back Live Training

Low Back Biofeedback

Low Back Monitoring

Low Back Live Assessment

Steadman Hawkins Sports Performance

Water Industry Case Study

Powercor case study

Woolworths case study

Vinci case study

TFL case study

Why should I use Low Back?

Why should I use Running?

Why should I use Neck?

Why should I use Knee?

Why should I use Hamstring?

Why should I use Functional?

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